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The first and most important thing when you start to optimize your web site is to know exactly what kind of visitors are you targeting. In search engines terms, you must have a strong keyword list to use in your optimization process. The best visitors you can get are from search engines results, but in order for them to be targeted you want your site to be optimized for the most relevant keywords in your line of business.

In other words choosing the perfect keywords for your site is crucial in the beginning. If you structure it on some keywords that aren’t relevant with what you offer you might end up with visitors that have no value for your site. A visitor that arrives on your site searching for some specific keywords and finds exactly what he was looking for, is more likely to return to your site, buy what you are selling, subscribe etc.

So defining your sites subject and the terms that you should start optimizing for is exactly what our keyword research service offers. You just have to give us the site url and 5 generic(most important) keywords in your line of business and we will come up with the following statistics for them:

The best variations for your keywords
Information on the competition (total search engines results, keywords that your competitors target)
Total searches/month in all the major search engines
List of long tailed keywords that you could use for PPC campaigns

So you can save a lot of time and avoid any mistakes by choosing us to do the keyword research for your site. We have a professional team that has been doing this type of work for more than 5 years and understands exactly how to approach this matter and also spy on your competition.

To get an idea on what you will receive please click the image bellow and see the exact folder structure of our keyword research service:

keyword research service

Don’t waste time and order our keyword research service and you won’t be disappointed. After you complete the payment in please click the return button on the successful check out page and you will be redirected to a form where you must fill in all the details we need in order for us to start the work.

- Make sure you provide us your name and a valid email so we can contact you
- Give us 5 keywords that best describe your business
- The exact url of your site

You can order this great service bellow or you can also check out some combined campaigns which we highly recommend on the Special Offers or Complete Linking Solution section of our site. Also if you have any questions about this service just use the Contact Us Form.



After payment will be completed through don't forget to click the return button on the sucessful check out payapl page and you will be redirected to a form where you will give us all the details we need in order to start the work. Make sure you provide us a valid name and email so we can contact you as soon as we receive the order.


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